Notice of race isn't released yet. If you know today that you want to participate in the IDDM 2018, please leave a message in our guestbook. This is not a binding registration but it will motivate your friends to join us and gives us an early hint, who's coming. Among all interested parties we will organize a lottery for a special price during the IDDM 2018.

If you have any questions, please feel free to ask us, we will do our best to support you: Diese E-Mail-Adresse ist vor Spambots geschützt! Zur Anzeige muss JavaScript eingeschaltet sein!

Crews that already informed us about their participation:





DEN 672 Sofie Per Røssel FSK
DEN 707 Dacapo Ralph Eriksen HSC
DEN 721 Bluenose Peter Brøgger AS
DEN 722 Oberstinden Per Damm JSK
DEN 723 TUT Nikolai Kold KS
DEN 873 Cirkeline Søren Kæstel HS
DEN 909 Alpi Flemming Palm KS
DEN 1130 Gisti Ditte Andreasen SSF
GBR 673 So! Simon Osgood RTYC
GBR 707 Madelaine Ed Donald RSYC
GER 466 Paula Walther Furthmann YCS
GER 540 Renny Stefan Rennebeck HSC
GER 564 Hasta la vista Sönke Durst LRV
GER 624 Ta'fri Andreas Christiansen FSC
GER 664 Comeback Heiner Fahnenstich YCRE
GER 739 Ylva Ulf Kipcke KYC
GER 774 Daphne Peter Hosie JKN
GER 852 drpepper Dr. Robert Winkler FSC
GER 870 Waupee Dr. Johannes Thaysen SSC
GER 911 Cabore Udo Hompesch MiYC
GER 1001 Teufelauch Rainer Hasselmann YCRE
GER 1035 Immer Dabei Dieter Krügel FSC
GER 1055 Pepito Stephan Dunke RSC
GER 1085 Sinewave Thomas Müller NRV/KYC
GER 1095 Lillevi Michael Fehlandt ENSFR
GER 1100 Bly Viol Jan H. Alberti SVF
GER 1112 Maxl Michael Piepenbrock SVH
GER 1133 Jumbo Andreas Haubold VSaW
SWE 1307 Svea Svante Svensson HASS